Hello! How lucky of you to have stumbled upon our webpage. Here is a few words about us.


​Here at Infinicraft we strive to bring you the best Minecraft experience you can have. We strive to stand by our motto, #Expect More, and will accept suggestions on how to make our server better in the forums. Yeah, I know you’ve heard that before but I had to post it again. Anyhow, our overall goal is to make a server you guys love. But before I go into more detail, I’d like to give a shoutout to a creative Minecraft server named MRT. This was our main inspiration. MRT has a complicated screening process, and I found it really hard to get in. My goal with Infinicraft, is to make a server without such a screening process, but keep the community nice and friendly. Infinicraft was the end result. So go check it out at play.infinicraftnetwork.com
Your Friendly Staff Team
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