Hello Guys,

I am sure you know the necessity of this post. So here are some rules that will enable you and your fellow infinicrafters to feel welcome a respected on the server.

That’s All



The Basics

  1. No Griefing
  2. No Advertising
  3. No Spamming
  4. No Hacking
  5. No Scamming(That Really Wasn’t Necessary)
  6. Be Respectful Of Other Players
  7. HAVE FUN!

Survival Specifics

  1. Staff will not spawn you stuff nor are they allowed to so please don’t ask
  2. W/E are not permitted in this gamemode as they are considered cheating
  3. Don’t ask staff for things like gmc

Creative Specifics

  1. In this gamemode W/E are allowed. Lets go into that. Here are some W/E rules. First, since our staff are volunteers, please wait 10 minutes after the have joined to ask them for a W/E. Also, if the job can be done in 5 minutes this is not a W/E qualifying job and will not be permitted.
  2. This is mainly a city building gamemode. Don’t build things like statues or unnecessary pixel art as this will cause the server to become very ugly

None of our other gamemodes have any specific rules. This doesn’t mean there are no rules as global rules still apply.


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